Welcome to The Pointe’s 2020 Winter Bean Bag League!


League Overview
* League starts at 6:00pm on Wednesday
* Cost $90 per team.
* If you or your partner are late by more than 15 mins, and you don’t have a sub, your team will forfeit that game.
* A sub can be anybody that doesn’t play weekly in the league already
* If both of you can't make one of the league nights at all, please line up 2 subs and email either thepointegolfandeventcenter@gmail.com or thepointebeanbagleague@gmail.com, so we can notify the teams you play.
* Each team will play 3 games per match regardless of the best of 3 match winner. This is done in case there is a tie at the end of the year in match wins and losses. We will be able to look at games won and lost to break a tie. If those are tied also, we will go by points scored.
Game Play
* Cancellation scoring (just like Horseshoes).
*Example: Your team has 3 bags on the board and other team has 1 bag. Your team would score 2 points.
* First team to 21 or over wins game. You don’t have to get 21 exactly
* No skunks
* Do not step past the front of the board to throw (It’s a violation). If a person is warned 3 times of this, the result of his or her turn is 0. We never usually have to worry about this, but in case we do, we have a plan in place.
* A bag hanging over the edge of the board but NOT touching the ground is considered a point. If any part of the bag is touching the ground it is considered a dead bag and must be removed before ensuing toss.
* A bag that hits the ground before resting on the board is considered dead and doesn’t count. The bag must also be removed before the ensuing toss
* No Overhand throws
* Toss a coin or work it out if you or your opponents want the same side of end of the board to toss from. Each team will switch ends after each game (You will play on the same end twice in one match)
* Each team will get 2 score sheets at the start of each league night. Fill out wins and losses and the score of each game. Make sure your opponent signs off on the score card so that everybody is in agreement of the scores. Turn these sheets into the Nifty Nine bar when you are done.
* For any questions or comments regarding the league or game play please contact Justin at The Pointe.

Cornhole League Playoff Brackets


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Cornhole League Standings & Schedule


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Cornhole (Bean Bag) League

Wednesday Nights​

  • January through March

  • Inside Cornhole (Bean Bag) League

  • Contact the club house to sign up. 605-356-2874

Contact us for more information about league rules, dates and more.